EasyLiving Home Features

EasyLiving Home® Features

An EasyLiving Home® delivers more for your dollar – convenience for today, peace of mind for tomorrow. This is accomplished with three simple but critical features.

1. Easy Access

A step-free entrance into the central living area of the home from a driveway, sidewalk or firm route into the main floor.

  • Convenient, safe entry even when your arms are full of shopping bags or small children
  • No threshold trip hazard
  • Easy transport of luggage carriers, strollers and other cumbersome objects
  • Easy entry for family and friends who rely on mobility aids

2. Easy Passage

The exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and all interior doorways provide easy passage, with a 2’10” or 3’0” door or other solution that allows a minimum of 32” clear passage.

  • Pass freely around the main floor even when carrying bulky items such as laundry baskets
  • No more wrestling large furniture through narrow doorways or logjams when entertaining
  • Complete access to all the necessary living spaces on the main floor means independence for family members unable to fit through narrow spaces or climb stairs

3. Easy Use

A bedroom, kitchen, entertainment area and a full bathroom with designated maneuvering space of 30” x 48” rectangle in front of the sink, commode and tub or shower, all located on the main floor accessible via the step-free entrance.

  • Fewer trips up and down the stairs since the rooms you spend most of your time in are all on one level
  • Relatives or friends with mobility limitations are more comfortable visiting on holidays because they aren’t excluded from the group
  • A self-contained main floor with accessible bathroom makes it possible for people who develop serious medical conditions to remain at home and retain their independence

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