What Is EasyLiving Home?

What Is EasyLiving Home®?

EasyLiving Home® is a proven, successful program conceived and developed cooperatively by organizations representing the building industry, government and accessibility advocates. This program represents the most successful attempt to date to promote change in construction practices without adversely affecting either the builder or the new home buyer. We are changing the way people think by increasing convenience, safety and inclusion – one EasyLiving Home® at a time.

Here’s how our program works:

  • EasyLiving Home® provides a few basic specifications to its member home builders and remodelers to incorporate into their plans.
  • When the home is complete, an EasyLiving Home® representative physically inspects to ensure that the specifications were followed and expectations met.
  • The builder is provided EasyLiving Home® certification for the homebuyer and a seal of approval to proudly display on the certified home.
  • Home buyers can rest assured that a home displaying our seal will be easy to live in, easy to visit and easy to sell.

State Affiliates

Because we actually inspect each home before we provide certification, we operate through local state affiliates. You can find contact information for your local affiliate on this Web site. If your state currently is not an affiliate, perhaps you’d like to be involved in getting one started. Contact us today for more information.

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