EasyLiving Home® Plans

By looking for an EasyLiving Home® you will be assured that your home offers convenience, livability, visitability and value. You’ll get all that from a few simple features that can make a big, big difference.

What are EasyLiving Home® Features

  • Easy Access with a step-free entrance and a threshold of not more than 1/2″ from a driveway, sidewalk or other firm route into the central living area.
  • Easy Passage because the exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and every interior door on the main level (including bathrooms) provides a minimum of 32” clear passage.
  • Easy Use with no less than one bedroom, a kitchen, some entertainment area, and at least one full bathroom with sufficient maneuvering space . . . all on the main floor.

Who operates the program?

The EasyLiving Home® program is operated by a non-profit coalition of organizations committed to making homes more accessible, including AARP, the Home Builders Association of Georgia and several access advocacy groups. Each EasyLiving Home® is visited by a coalition member to ensure that our guidelines are met and each home meets the program requirements.

Will It Add Cost?

Certified homes are available at all price levels, from the most modest starter home to country club estates. The EasyLiving Home® program shows its member builders how to make their homes more convenient by utilizing small improvements that add little or nothing to the cost of new construction, but would be very costly to retrofit later.

Can I have an EasyLiving Home on a steep lot?

An EasyLiving Home® can be built on nearly any lot, whether level, sloped, even a steep lot. As long as one entrance to the main living area is step-free, the home can be certified. EasyLiving Home® offers simple solutions that are compatible with practically any type of building site or home style, including multi-story homes, homes with basements and homes on hills.

Why Care About Accessibility?

An EasyLiving Home® is all about convenience! By grouping all the most essential living areas on a single floor with ample-sized doors and a step-free entry, the EasyLiving Home® frees you from the hassles of struggling to move bulky furniture through narrow doors, or negotiating stairs with your arms full of groceries.

While you may be in perfect health now, the day may come when you or a family member experience health problems that could cause limited access to be a real problem. Elderly relatives will appreciate the easy access and extra entry width when they visit you in your new EasyLiving Home®. And don’t forget, in an aging society, an EasyLiving Home®will have a higher resale value when it’s time to sell.

Don’t take our word for it, read what other homeowners have to say about their EasyLiving Home®. To locate an EasyLiving Home® builder near you, check with your local/state affiliate.

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