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As a professional home builder, you know how important it is to set your new homes apart to make them appealing to home buyers. You may already be participating in certification programs for energy efficiency because you know it helps you to sell houses. Now you can enjoy the same benefits by capitalizing on the latest trend in residential housing: accessibility.

The EasyLiving Home® certification, as a recognized brand name, shows prospective buyers that your homes will be easy to live in today and tomorrow. The convenience of a step-free entry is immediately apparent . . . a feature that homeowners will appreciate not only when grandmother comes to visit, but also when it’s time to move furniture or bring the baby’s stroller in from the car.

EasyLiving Home® is backed by a solid coalition made up of respected housing industry leaders, government and non-profit organizations, and disability advocacy groups. You will receive complete technical support to assist with design issues and marketing materials to educate buyers on the extra convenience and value an EasyLiving Home® provides.

Best of all, it is surprisingly inexpensive to incorporate the required EasyLiving Home® features in your house plans.

For details, fill out a preliminary application and we will supply you with an information packet. There’s absolutely no obligation. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can begin enjoying the many benefits of the EasyLiving Home®program!

Construction Requirements

The purpose of the EasyLiving Home® Builders’ Certification Program is to promote the building of homes with features that make a home more livable, attractive, visitable and convenient for everyone. Features required to earn the EasyLiving Home® certification are simple to include in nearly any plan:

  • Easy Access: a step-free entrance with a threshold of not more than one-half inch into to the main living area.
  • Easy Passage: the exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and all interior doorways are a 2’10” or 3’0” door or other solution that allows a minimum of 32” clear passage.
  • Easy Use: no less than one bedroom, a kitchen, some entertainment area and at least one full bathroom with maneuvering space of 30” x 48” in front of commode, sink and tub or shower, all on the main floor.

That’s it!

You may be familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which requires access in commercial construction. EasyLiving Home® is different because it is a voluntary program for single-family homes, rather than a law, and covers only a few basic features.

Marketing Support

In addition to an EasyLiving Home® certificate and seal for each home, we provide home buyer education materials for your use, a member’s only Web site, a newsletter packed with the latest marketing ideas, and national promotion of the program to the public.

Do I have to build from one of your plans?

Absolutely not! We can review your own plans to be sure that all required features are included.  EasyLiving Home approved plans are now available through Frank Betz Associates.  (link)  Multi-level homes and homes on slopes (even steep slopes) are eligible for EasyLiving Home® certification because the required features apply only to the level served by the step-free entrance.

Registration Fee – Pricing Structure

Program fees are based on how many certified homes you build each year. See the member application packet for details. Builders will join their local statewide EasyLiving Home® affiliate, where registration and certification costs may vary. If we don’t yet have a affiliate in your state, please contact us today about getting one started.
For complete program details, please use our online preliminary application or contact us by telephone or email.

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