EasyLivingHome.org is the premier site for information about a voluntary program that encourages easy access to homes for everyone. Our unique certification program brings builders, remodelers and home buyers together with homes that are easy to build, easy to live in and easy to sell – we make it easy for everyone!

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The EasyLiving Home® Program

EasyLiving Home® is the nation’s first voluntary certification program for visitable homes. By providing a few basic criteria in everyday construction, homebuilders and remodelers can add convenience and functionality. Your EasyLiving Home® will welcome all friends, family and visitors, regardless of age, size or physical ability.

It sounds so simple, yet these small changes create key lifestyle benefits for homeowners – a home that is not only easy to live in, but also:

  • Easy to build
  • Easy to visit
  • Easy to sell

The EasyLiving Home® program has been developed by a coalition of public and private organizations to encourage the voluntary inclusion of key features which make a home cost effective, accessible and convenient for everyone without sacrificing style or adding substantial construction costs. EasyLiving Home® certification enhances both the initial and resale value of a home, and can be achieved for practically any home regardless of price, building site or architecture.

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